Mr. Pitt, Mr. Burke and Mr. Fox

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Mr. Pitt, otherwise known as William Pitt, the 1st, Earl of Chatham, was born in 1708 and lived until 1778. During his lifetime he served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. After his death, his son, William Pitt, the Younger, also served as a Prime Minister of Great Britain. Mr. Burke, Edmund Burke, was an outstanding writer, political theorist, orator and statesman whose life spanned from 1729 until 1797. Mr. Fox, or Henry Fox, was a prominent statesman in parliament.

William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, was a British Whig statesman. He lived in England, and he bravely led Britain through the Seven Years’ War, and led Britain to victory over France. This man was only the Prime Minister of Great Britain for 2 years, but he did a considerable number of things in that very short time. Henry Fox was a political leader in England also. He held many, many titles in his lifetime including Secretary at War, member of the cabinet, and Member of Parliament. He almost became Prime Minister but he never actually reached that position. Edmund Burke was born in Dublin, Ireland, and lived most of his life in Great Britain. He was a statesman, author, orator and philosopher. His first published work was A Vindication of Natural Society: A View of the Miseries and Evils Arising to Mankind. One of his more political works was the Annual register, which was an influential publication in which authors evaluated international political events of the years previous. He was also a member of the British Parliament and a member of the House of Commons.

Each of these men had a son who became members of Parliament and various other political avenues. All of these men were greatly influential in their ideas and political power.
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