John Wilkes Resume

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John Wilkes

London, England

May, 1776

Objective: To support the independence of the American colonies from England, and to support the liberties of mankind.

Summary: I am an English politician, spokesman, and journalist of radical discontent. I am pro-Americanism and pro-separation from England. I firmly believe and support religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and Parliamentary reform. I inspire American Whigs and other colonists with my attacks on King George III and the British government and by defending the liberties of Englishmen. Some call me the champion of the powerless against the privileged. Once the American colonists declared their independence, my support for them decreased and I slowly became a more conservative politician.

Professional Experience:

· 1757- Member of Parliament for Aylesbury, I fought for religious liberties of Catholics and Protestants outside the Church of England. · 1762- Published a weekly radical article called The North Briton · 1774-Admitted to the House of Commons to represent Middlesex and supported the rights of the voters rather than the House

Major Accomplishments:

· Struck against government abuse of civil liberties by challenging general warrants · 1763- Published The North Briton, No. 45 attacking King George III on his speech regarding the Paris Peace Treaty of 1763, and was arrested for libel · Denounced the Declaratory and Townshend Acts

· Taught people new ways to redress grievances using courts and public opinion · Party leader of the London Radicals and an Idol of the London Mob · Inspired colonial Americans, with my fights against the government, to create the Bill Of Rights


James Otis Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty

John Hancock Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty

Sam Adams...

References: James Otis Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty
John Hancock Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty
Sam Adams Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty
John Adams Member of Boston’s Sons of Liberty

*The following men wrote letters to me regarding their grievances with the King, in hope I could help convince the government to reconsider their harsh policies, and thanking me for supporting the cause of liberty and mankind.
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