Mportance of Information in Our Daily Life

Topics: Information, Meaning of life, Perception Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Importance of Information in Our Daily Life

Information in its most restricted technical sense is a message (utterance or expression) or collection of messages that consists of an ordered sequence of symbols, or it is the meaning that can be interpreted from such a message or collection of messages. Information can be recorded or transmitted. It can be recorded as signs, or conveyed as signals by waves. Information is any kind of event that affects the state of a dynamic system. The concept has numerous other meanings .Moreover, the concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, representation, and especially entropy.

Information is one of the most important things in our modern society. When we get informed about something, we get knowledge. This knowledge protects us from making a mistake. Life is a hard task and we need help while making decisions on a regular basis. So information is there to help out from such things. Information can be generated from anywhere, for example through internet the most commonly used tool in the whole world. Big search engines are available for collection of information about anything we want for our daily life. 1) Information for me a is pack of data, news, words, images made available together in such a way to make the recipient be aware of a fact, of an event, of a result, etc. 

2) Information could be important but could also be useless depending on the situations and issues. It's important for crucial issues like wars for example. During wars the most informed about the ennemy is the one that is more probable to win a battle for instance. So information is important when the issue is real (saving lives in case of natural disasters, for economical issues when it's related to money and wealth, spying, etc...). This could be called intelligence. On the other hand, information could be useless...
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