Digital Media and Society

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Final exam study
Digital Media and Society
Week 1
What this class is about…
* Humans exchanging meaning
* Through messages, by innovating using devices originally intended for corporate and government data management... computers * The debates about emerging media
* How these debates are important to you profession development * You are a… knowledge worker
Field labels
* New communication technology
* New media
* Digital media
Article: how is work changing?
* Information in a binary electronic form
* Manipulable
* Digital information is easily changeable and adaptable at all stages of creation, storage, delivery and use * Networkable
* Digital information can be shared and exchanged between large numbers of users simultaneously, and across enormous distances * Dense
* Very large amount of digital information can be stored in small physical spaces (e.g. USB flash disks) or on network servers * Compressible
* The amount of capacity that digital information takes up on any network can be reduced dramatically through compression and decompressed when needed * Impartial
* Digital information carried across networks is indifferent to what forms it represents, who owns or created them, or how they are used Information versus communication
* Any recognisable pattern in the perceivers environment
* A collection of symbols, which combined may communicate a message (e.g. 000) Communication
* Information in a context which creates meaning
* Broadly, all the procedures by which one mind can affect another (e.g. in case of an emergency call 000) Communication definitions
* Source-centred
* Receiver-centred
* Bilateral
* Shared meaning
* Technique
* Mechanics, electronics or science for industry
* Industry-useful work, diligence to achieve
* Ology
* The study of a thing
Communication technologies
* Mediate human message exchange
* Three critical functions:
* Transcend space
* Your in Mumbai…I am in Moscow
* Transcend time
* Edgar Rice wrote Tarzan in 1912 and it is here (link) * Transcend reality
* Computer-media information
* Coverage media
3 C’s of coverage media
* Computing/IT
* Communications networks
* Content (media)
Communication is used to convey rules and facilitate organisation of society and establish and maintain culture Definition by Leila Green
“Technologies that facilitate and mediate the communication through which culture is constructed”

Others see technology as the social and technological context of our time What technoculture means
“computer mediated communication fundamentally shifts the registers of human experience as we have known them in modern society… time and space, body and mind, subject and object, human and machine are each dramatically transformed by practices carried out on networked computers.” Week two – Influences of Technological and Social change

“Orientating” to digital media
New media and change in different spheres of our lives
* School
* Family
* Country
* Religion
* Government
* Work
* Casual
* Technological
* Media
* Video-game
Technological determinism
* A view or argument
* Social and cultural phenomena are determined (caused) by technological development * Espoused by many theorists who conclude that digital media change everything else * Two camps each with two views

* Those who believe tech explains social change
* Those who do not believe tech explains social change * Extreme: technology causes change
* Weak: technology is a factor of change
* Socio-culturists: technologies evolve in a social and cultural context * Voluntarists: individuals choose to use and appropriate technologies *...
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