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Chapter 2

1. Mashups are applications that collect and combine data from multiple public sources and then organize them through a browser-user interface to create a new application.

2. The most potentially valuable type of information for managers comes from large collections of transaction records which can be analyzed for patterns of financial performance.

3. Despite all the information flowing through companies, executives, managers, and workers throughout the organization often struggle to find the information they need to make sound decisions or do their jobs.

4. Thanks to the wide availability of computers, mobile devices and ISs, information flowing through companies is almost always available to executives, managers, and workers throughout the organization who no longer have to struggle to find the information they need to make sound decisions or do their jobs.

5. Despite the growth of social data, images and web documents, modern IT professionals must continue to place primary emphasis on management of structured, high quality data.

6. CIOs must ensure data security and compliance with continually evolving regulatory requirements, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

7. The “blueprints” that guide and govern software add-ons, upgrades, hardware, systems, networks, cloud services and other IT are known as IT architectures.

8. IT architectures or enterprise architectures are the terms used to describe the working parts of both desktop and mobile computing devices.

9. The term “data structures” refers to the speed at which data it is captured, analyzed, and reported.

10. The term “Information Management” refers to how information is stored and organized; and the speed at which it is captured, analyzed, and reported.

11. Many retailers have a page on their website that pulls address, store hours and graphical map information from different sources and combines it in one place to create an app that helps customers find directions to their store locations. Apps like the one in this example are called consumer mashups.

12. Apps that combine data from multiple internal and public sources and publishes the results to enterprise portals, dashboards, or the cloud are commonly referred to as “complex mashups”.

13. Data (or information) silos are ISs that do not have the capability to exchange data with other ISs making timely coordination and communication across functions or departments difficult.

14. The overall goal of information management is to reduce costs and maintain high standards of information security by setting strict guidelines for access.

15. The overall goal of information management is to design and implement a well–planned out IT architecture, policies, and procedures needed to effectively and efficiently support the information and decision needs of an organization.

16. One way for larger companies to effectively manage information across an organization is to require each division or business unit to implement and manage its own IS because unit managers understand their information needs better than people in other parts of the organization.

17. Most health care organizations are drowning in data, yet cannot get reliable, actionable insights from this data. Information from physician notes, registration forms, discharge summaries, documents and so on often go unused or are difficult for administrators and mangers to access because the information is trapped in data silos.

18. According to your text, the number one reason for information inefficiencies is the prohibitive cost of high quality data.

19. KPIs or key performance indicators are metrics that define and measure progress toward organizational goals—and deviations from those goals....
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