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Topics: Supply chain management, Enterprise resource planning / Pages: 10 (1705 words) / Published: Jun 18th, 2015
Multiple Choice

1. Organizations continue to run older business systems, called ______________ because they form the core of mission-critical computing systems.

a. Reduced-function IT
b. Last gen software
c. Legacy systems
d. Bloat-ware

2. Enterprise systems are integrated ISs that support core business processes and functions. How is integration achieved?

a. Integration is achieved by connecting wired and wireless computer networks so they can share applications.
b. Integration is achieved by outsourcing to vendors that replace stand-alone ISs with a single IS.
c. Integration is achieved by linking databases and data warehouses so they can share data.
d. Integration is achieved by using cloud computing.

3. When companies need to update mission critical computing systems, they often turn to ______________________ which integrate core business process and functions.

a. Legacy systems
b. Enterprise information systems or enterprise systems
c. Network solutions
d. Custom built software apps

4. Companies use IT systems to manage the ______________ which starts with the acquisition of raw materials or the procurement (purchase) of products and proceeds through manufacture, transport, and delivery—and the disposal or recycling of products.

a. Strategic planning process
b. Sales process
c. Product production
d. Supply chain

5. The greatest challenges when implementing enterprise systems are due to _____.

a. The technologies
b. Vendors
c. Process and change management
d. End-users

6. Enterprise systems help managers and companies improve their performance by enabling them to __________.

a. Distribute data and periodic reports via e-mail internally to authorized users
b. Integrate internal business processes and improve collaboration with external business partners
c. Consolidate data stores into a central data repository.
d. Outsource business processes to SaaS vendors and eliminate waste.

7. __________ is the ability to thrive in a

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