Cis 207 Information

Topics: File Transfer Protocol, FTPS, SSH file transfer protocol Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Midy Chann
June 11, 2012
Professor Melvin Lee, Jr.


There are numerous types of information that are used in daily life. We see information all the time, in different formats and configurations. In today’s society, information rules everything that we do. Information can be in a form of simple text message, to a complicated computer language in which information technology engineers use to write different software for different functions. Different companies use information in different ways, depending on the type of business they are in. Some companies might use an internal email, which is set up for office use only between each employee. Information flows in and through my company in many ways. The company that I work for is a reprographics company called Cyber Copy. Our company deals with large black and white to color format printing, to small black and white to color format printing. Information flows in and out of my company during all working hours. With that being said, everything runs on information in order to function in a fast paste society.

There are several ways that customers can transfer information to us. One example is when customers would use the FTP site, (files transfer protocol), email, drop box, and many other data transfer method in order get files to us. One simple and quick way is that information flows in and out of my company is through our public FTP site. Our public FTP site does not require and login and a password. Anyone can upload or download files. This method of data transfer is hard for my coworkers and I to control. This is because any customers can get a hold of someone else’s files, and we would never even know. The only way we can keep the file safe is that once the customers is done with the upload, we ask them to give us a call or an email us right away, to let us know that the files are ready for us to download. Once the files are downloaded from our FTP site to our...
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