Business Intelligence

Topics: Data mining, Natural language processing, Data Pages: 5 (812 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Business analytics and data mining provided 1-800-Flowers with all of the following benefits except: Select one:
a. more efficient marketing campaigns
b. increased mailings and response rates
c. increased repeat sales
d. better customer experience and retention

On the commercial side, the most common use of data mining has been in ________ sectors. Select one:
a. manufacturing and heath care
b. online retail and government
c. R&D and scientific
d. finance, retail, and health care

The term data mining was originally used to ________.
Select one:
a. describe the process through which previously unknown patterns in data were discovered b. include most forms of data analysis in order to increase sales c. All of the above
d. describe the analysis of huge datasets stored in data warehouses

In an article in Harvard Business Review, Thomas Davenport (2006) argued that the latest strategic weapon for companies is ________. Select one:
a. customer relationship management
b. analytical decision making
c. Online auctions
d. E-commerce
Data mining is tightly positioned at the intersection of many disciplines. Those disciplines include all of the following except: Select one:
a. statistics
b. management science
c. information systems and databases
d. logistics

Why has data mining gained the attention of the business world? Select one:
a. All of the above
b. Consolidation and integration of database records, which enables a single view of customers and vendors. c. More intense competition at the global scale driven by customers' ever-changing needs and wants in an increasingly saturated marketplace. d. Significant reduction in the cost of hardware and software for data storage and processing. What is a major characteristic of data mining?

Select one:
a. The miner needs sophisticated programming skill.
b. Data are often buried within numerous small databases, which sometimes contain data from several years. c. Data mining tools are readily combined with spreadsheets and other software development tools. d. Because of the large amounts of data and massive search efforts, it is sometimes necessary to use serial processing for data mining.

The first step in the data mining process is to understand the relevant data from the available databases. Select one:
The variable marital status can be categorized using the codes (1) single, (2) married, and (3) divorced. These codes are examples of ordinal data. Select one:
Newer Web-based tools enable managers at all educational levels to do data mining. Select one:
In order to be applied successfully, a data mining study must be viewed as a set of automated software tools and techniques. Select one:
The data mining environment is usually a client-server architecture or a Web-based information systems architecture. Select one:
Mass, length, time, plane angle, energy, and electric charge are examples of physical measures whose data are represented in interval scales. Select one:
Which of the following refers to developing useful information from the links included in the Web documents? Select one:
a. Web structure mining
b. Web matter mining
c. Web content mining
d. Web subject mining
All of the following are popular application areas of text mining except: Select one:
a. document summarization
b. question answering
c. information extraction
d. data structuring
It has been shown that the bag-of-word method may not produce good enough information content for text mining tasks. More advanced techniques such as ________ are needed. Select one:
a. evidence-based processing
b. classification
c. natural language processing
d. symbolic processing
In ________, the problem is to group an unlabelled collection of objects, such as documents, customer comments, and Web pages into meaningful groups without any prior...
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