Movie: My Girl

Topics: Childhood, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: May 4, 2013
My Girl Movie

By watching the movie My Girl, I believe this movie is covering the stage of middle childhood development because the main characters, an 11 year old girl and boy, do many things that a child would do or develop during this stage. The developments the movie shows are physical and cognitive, and personality and sociocultural. First, during middle childhood kids ages 6 to 12 start to develop in many ways. One way is physically, cognitive and in motor skills. Children start to grow by getting taller or by gaining weight and they start to mature. They might try to change their appearance by changing the way they look or dress. However, they don’t just grow physically the your internally. Their brain starts to grow as well as the brains hemispheres. Children start to memorize more, pay more attention, language and hear more. In the movie the main character learns man medical terms or diseases making the character pay more attention and be aware of her body and health. Also there bones start to get bigger and harder. Motor skills start to develop also. For example gross motor skills like running, jumping, skipping etc. Children also develop accuracy. By developing accuracy the can runs or move faster, jump higher, or throw a ball higher. Fine motor skills develop too. Children start to draw, cut, paint write. All of these developments are great but also the child it is not really aware of the health factors that come. Even though children are really healthy at this time they develop minor illnesses. Also they can have many accidents because at this age you really don’t develop a sense of fear when doing thing. For example in the movie the girl and boy were running in the forest when they came across a bee hive in which the boy proceeds to throw water and making the hive fall. After the hive falls they start throwing rocks at it making the bees angry and causing the children to run so the bees won’t sting them. When the child starts...
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