Report Intellectual Child Development for Children Age 9 to 11 Early Adolescence

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Critical thinking Pages: 7 (1671 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Intellectual Child development of
Children age 9 to 11
Early adolescence


“Are you smarter than 10 years old?”


Mariela Zlateva


1 Introduction
2 Background
3 Intellectual characteristics of children age 9-11
4. Observation
5. Conclusion
6. References
7. Glossary

1. Introduction
This report aims to provide information to teaching assistant students at Lewisham College about the intellectual development of children age 9-11years. At that stage children experience big intellectual, physical, social and emotional changes. They are more and more influenced by friends and obeying school rules. Their bodies change along with puberty. At that age their individual differences become more apparent. That period 9-11 years old is known as early adolescence. Physical and intellectual development are connected, as you can see on the graph below

( ) [pic]


Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

2.1 Intellectual development of children 2 to 6
Children in that age group are in their preoperational period, intuitive phase. They develop more mature and logical thinking and are able to consider several parts of a problem or situation. 2.1.1 Nevertheless at that age children are most concerned with things that are "real" rather than with ideas. Identifying with the senses is typical for them. For example, actually touching the soft fur of a rabbit is more meaningful to a child than being told that an object is "soft like a rabbit “ 2.1.2 They believe in magic and the disappearance of things and subjects. 3. Small children have difficulty fully understanding how things are connected with each other.

4. Before the age of 6 children can focus their attention on one aspect only of an object, while ignoring others 2.2 Intellectual characteristic of children 6-8 years old
At the age of 6,7 children are in late preoperational period. As children grow, their stage of proximal development changes. They become more aware of the world around. Six years old “know that physical properties of things can change (ice melts, etc)” and “can classify objects and things based on inferred attributes and know some of the scientific categories (mammals, reptiles, objects that sink and objects that float)” Mc Afee,O., (2006-2011

3. Intellectual characteristics of children age 9-11

In Piaget's stages of cognitive development, the 9 to 11 years old child has entered the period of "concrete operations."

Even though children develop at different paces, there are common stages and milestones in their cognitive and academic development. The main characteristics of 9-11 years old children are given below.

1. They better understand the world around them.

They can explain what is happening and why and anticipate future events. At that stage they understand past, present and future very well and moreover, they can predict what could happen in the future.

2. Ten years old children enjoy telling jokes.

The jokes of ten years old are sometimes a bit silly, but still show increase of their intellectual potential. To make other people laugh is not an easy skill and require a certain level of intellectual development.

3. Moral sense and socializing.

They develop stronger sense of morality. They learn to respect other people’s feelings and believe. They become aware of how to socialize.

4. Abstract thinking

Typical feature of this period is the development of abstract thinking.

1. . At school children 9-11 years old develop the capability of organized thinking. They have organized logical...

References: Tween: Child Development (9-11 Years Old) (online)Available at: (assessed 23/11/2011)
Mc Afee,O., (2006-2011)
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