Development Outcome 1.

Topics: Developmental psychology, Puberty, Jean Piaget Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools/Level 2 Certificate in Supporting
Teaching and Learning in Schools Unit 201 Worksheet 1

Unit 201: Child and young person development
Worksheet 1: Child development

| Physical development | Communication and intellectual development | Social, emotional and behavioural development | Assessment criteria | Birth to 3 years | Rolling, sitting, lifting head up and then pushing on their arms and legs to develop their large motor skills which later leads to crawling, walking, jumping, running, kicking a ball and catching and throwing a ball. Fine motor skills, (gripping, holding cups/pencils, turning pages of a book). Balancing on one leg. Children’s sight develops (born with very poor sight) leading to telling the difference between colours. The use of the toilet independently. Children will also go through teething.| Smiling, eye contact, mirrored body language, cries (from the beginning babies will have different types of cries which their carers will understand, for example distressed can be quite high pitched where as a bored cry could be just a little murmur, Babbling and repetitive sounds such as mama, gaga etc.. Language will develop and they will be able to start to understand different tones in people’s voices and their meanings, children will start to use words in sentences although these may be jumbled for a while. Listening to songs and games will enrich this development stage.| Babies develop very strong bonds with their parents and main contact at the beginning, this will help them to develop their social, emotional and behavioural development. Babies who grow up in a secure environment and the confidence that “mum” is close by will have an easier time with socialisation. As children are developing they will learn how to play side by side. This stage in their development also sees a time when children become frustrated and this leads to tantrums!| 1.1 1.2 | 3-7...
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