motivation of team members

Topics: Team building, Teamwork, Problem solving Pages: 7 (3900 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Subject: Organizational Behavior
Students: Katarína Hodásová,
Nela Jakubisová,
Peter Hudák,
Sandra Kadlečíková,
Zuzana Daneková
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Mr. Novak was an employee of the IT Company. He and his colleagues usually worked in teams on several tasks. The team consisted of the project manager, several IT architects, and IT technicians. The project manager was the one in charge of the team, IT architects were the ones to provide complex solutions to the task and to design the final output, and the IT technicians were the ones to work on those designs and to program the proposed solutions. When an order came, there was selected a project manager in charge of it, who chose his subordinates for the team. The subordinates were chosen with a help of HR department. The project manager specified his requirements to the HR and they send him several CVs of suitable candidates. From those CVs, the project manager selected the most fitting person and made a phone call interview with them. After this, the person was selected for the team. The project Mr. Novak worked on took place in the UK and the task was to provide all needed technical support for establishing a new mobile operator. After the project manager chose the team members, he discussed the technical issues, the costs, time, and man-days required to implement the solutions with the technical architects, one of them being Mr. Novak. After estimating the man-days, they calculated the number of people they needed for the team and the project manager selected IT technicians. There were three technical architects and each technical architect had three subordinate technicians. Also the roles of team members were clearly stated during this stage. After the project started running, several meetings were taking place...
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