Database Design Paper

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Database Design Paper

Database Systems in the Workplace
A database system is a computer term for a structured set of data that can be saved, retrieved, added to or deleted from relatively easy. There are a variety of different databases and the type of database will determine how the data is arranged when it is stored and how that data will be located when it is called upon. At the company that I work for I know that they use Oracle®, which is an object-relational database management system. The company has 21 facilities in eight different countries and Oracle® is implemented on that global scale. I know that they use Oracle® to track many things such as work in progress (WIP), stock of materials on hand, stock of completed items, shipping and receiving, and employee time cards to name a few. The company that I work for is so large that software as powerful as Oracle® is needed to maintain all of the information that 21 facilities produces. One can look up data about anything in any facility in real time and know exactly how many parts were in a certain lot or if another facility has something on hand that needs to be moved to a different building. This makes everything much easier than trying to get someone on the phone to ask, especially when different time zones come into play.

Database Architecture
A few models that most databases are built around are a flat database, network database, hierarchical database, and a relational database. The relational type database is the most commonly used but certainly not the only flavor. The specific situation will determine which type of database is best suited. Oracle is an object-relational database management system as mentioned earlier and that would make it fall under the relational database model or architecture. The relational model all the data is stored in tables with rows and columns. Each table has a key linking it to one or more other tables. The keys allow the end...

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