Moral Living Synoptic Question Answer on Old Testament

Topics: God, Moses, Old Testament Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Moral Living Synoptic Question

In this essay it is my intention to examine the theme of moral living within the Old Testament and the Celtic Church. Morality refers to ethical issues. It is the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. It is a system of ideas of right and wrong conduct. There are two interlinked themes of religious morality and social morality under moral living. The foundation of moral living within the Old Testament is the Sinai Covenant. Whereas, the basis of morality in Celtic Church is Saint Patrick; his moral base was always routed in his scriptural beliefs.

Moses, for example, made a covenant with Yahweh on Mount Sinai, the principles from which are the foundation for the Judah Christian faith today, where he received the Ethical Decalogue (10 Commandments). As Drane states, “the commands were essentially moral requirements. Honesty, truth and justice were more important to Yahweh than the performance of religious rites.” Love of God and Love of Neighbour were the two commandments at the core of the Ethical Decalogue. The first three commandments central religious morality however, the last seven focus on Love of Neighbour and Social Morality. Winward states, “no man could be in a right relationship with God who was not in a right relationship with his fellow men.” The people of Israel had an obligation as the chosen people to obey the Ethical Decalogue.

Abraham was called by God to give up his polytheistic ways. God promised Abraham that he would never give up on him. As Heinsch states, “he had to journey to a foreign land alone trusting in God’s guidance.” If Abraham fulfilled this request God promised him three things, Great Nation, Land (which was Canaan) and Protection. At this time, Abraham worshipped the popular moon god, “sin” and was to break with idolatry and become monotheistic. Epstein stated that, “Abraham turned to the service of the one and only God whom he recognised as the creator of...
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