Monster Parents

Topics: Childhood, Education, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: October 10, 2014

Dori Kim
King George V School
IGCSE First Language English
Coursework #3 – Response to Stimulus Text

Letter to a The English Channel magazine
In response to article “Monster Parents”

8th September 2014

8th September 2014 Dear Mr. Leung,

Recently, I read your article on “Monster Parents” in the January 2013 issue of the English Channel. There are many outstanding points and some that I disagree with. It has come to my attention that “Monster Parents” cling to their children. Most couples only have one child these days. Therefore it is obvious that they care and give lots of attention about their only child, it is totally understandable. However, they need to let go at some point. As you mentioned in your magazine, ‘While visiting the University canteen recently and seeing that half of the people there seemed like parents instead of students,’ I totally understand why parents would be overprotective of their only child also whilst at university. As well as parents who go to University with their child, you also mentioned that parents were seen camping over night outside three Kindergartens in Tseung Kwan O. Some of the parents already started queuing up a day earlier to apply for places on Pre-nursery classes. Similarly, eager parents also filled Diocesan Boys School on primary admission. I definitely agree that these parents’ nicknames are called “Monster Parents” by the media. Parents are literally hovering over almost every aspect of their children’s lives. Of course this is understandable because in my perspective I believe that parents want their child to attend a famous and well-educated elite school, in the hopes of giving their precious child and offspring a good head start. Another excellent point, I...
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