Laid-Back Parenting (summary)

Topics: Parenting, Parent, Parenting styles, Adult, Childhood / Pages: 3 (790 words) / Published: Oct 18th, 2014
The New Laid-Back Parenting
Daney Gordon
DeVry University
September 5, 2014

THE NEW LAID-BACK PARENTING Erin Zammett Ruddy wrote the article “The New Laid-Back Parenting” where she identifies whether a parent can exercise laid-back parenting efficiently in a hover-parenting culture and not take it to the extent of neglect. Practicing laid-back parenting has its challenges where it is tempting for the parent to snap back into an overly involved mode. Some people who do not practice the laid-back parenting method may frown upon it. The author presents an interesting perspective on how the use of a less hovering approach to parenting allows a child to be independent, confident and resourceful individuals in the future. “The New Laid-Back Parenting” article demonstrates that over-involved parenting can have a negative influence, later on in a child’s life. Hence, the child is not able to handle certain situations on their own without the help of their parents trying to do everything for them. Subsequently, the child is completely dependent on their parents for decision making and other issues. This is in contrast to the laid-back parenting approach where it encourages a child to think and do things independently, to a certain extent. The article explains how a parent can live a balanced lifestyle which involves being a parent, spouse and enjoying leisure at the same time. Also, the article gives an illustration of when the use of laid-back parenting has gone too far by the parent. Given these points, the author seems in favor of laid-back parenting as being the most fit, when raising a child. Early on in the article, the author provides quotes from historian Pamela Haag Ph.D. Haag states, that parenting, "It's something you do intensively, rather than a status you have” (Ruddy, 2013). This source is reputable because it is coming from someone who has their PhD in cultural history, who most likely spends years studying the role of a parent in

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