module 6 teen driving project

Topics: Problem solving, Drink, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: September 25, 2014
 Name: Jasmine Howard
Teen Driving Issues Project
Topic: Drunk Driving
Part 1 - Identify the Issue
Be sure to include complete sentences.
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Why is this a problem, especially for teen drivers?
Drunk driving is a major conflict in our communities, states, and our nation overall. This is senseless act takes the lives of too many children and teens as well as adults-innocent people. Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates.

Both state and national statistics indicate that each year almost 40% of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related. -FLVS
How is one organization or group trying to solve this problem? Name group and what they are doing. The first organization I discovered that's trying to solve this problem is MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The mission of this group is and I quote "is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking". How is another organization or group is working to solve the problem? Name the group and what they are doing. The second organization I discovered that's also trying to solve this conflict is SADD-Students Against Drunk Driving. The mission of this group is and I quote "empowering young people to lead education and prevention initiatives in their schools and communities". Web sites where this information was found.

Part 2 - Solutions for the Issue
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Something else that should be done to help solve or curb the problem. My own ideas for solving this problem. This may not be something that is currently being done. During a public event stage a performance in the background of a drunk driving incident. Such as having someone crash their car during a 4th of july pretending to be drunk and then the police take him/her away. Then someone tells the people it was staged. This will kind of scare the people a bit and maybe they would think twice before the...
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