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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drunk driving, Driving under the influence Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Teen Driving Issues Project
Drunk Driving

Part 1 identifying the issue

Why Is Drunk Driving A Problem, Especially for teen drivers? This is a major problem for teens because drunken teenagers are more likely to get in a car crash then an adult drunk driver and drunk driving should not even be done. Many teens are also pressured into drunk driving which again has a high chance in getting into a crash. Statistics from research regarding teen crash rates

About 70% of all teens drink alcohol.
60% of all the teen drivers’ car crash was alcohol related. 522 underage drivers under the age of 14 were arrested for driving while drunk. Males with an alcohol level of 5-10 are 18 times more likely to get in a car crash women are 54 times more likely. Group #1

The MADD Campaign are trying to stop drunk driving by promoting these 3 steps, supporting the law enforcements, require an ignition interlock devices, and support the advancements in technology used to prevent drunk driving. Group #2

The IDDPA are preventing drunk driving by assisting victims of drunk drivers. They support the legislative efforts in stopping drunk driving and encourage the development of new technologies to prevent drunk driving. Websites

Part 2 Solutions for the Issue

Drunk driving is a serious problem in America. I purpose it would help people of America to prevent drunk drivers by having more severe punishments. Being more severe will help people realize that this is a very bad thing to do and is dangerous to people surrounding the drunk driver. We need to make the punishment make people understand this is a very big issue. I suggest that the first time you are caught intoxicated you spend 30 days in jail. Then spend 60 days in AA meetings then have a weekly drug test for the next year so that they...
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