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October 29, 2011

Stricter DUI Laws and the Effect They Could Have
At some point in our lives we have heard a news report that involved a drunk driver and an innocent victim. Usually these incidents are accidents where a person driving under the influence runs a red light or jumps a curb, hitting, and more often than not, killing an innocent person. These injuries and deaths are all easily preventable. In the United States, over 20% of all motor vehicle related deaths are caused by an impaired driver. Which is why this crime continues to be a national problem that takes the lives of thousands of people every year (Hanson). Way too often the victims of these tragedies are young teens or children. Why people drive drunk is a question that people have been trying to answer for a long time. There have been suggestions to implement tougher DUI laws, which seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, people seem to only look at the downside rather than what tougher laws would do for the safety of the public.

There are many reasons why the public would not want to make drunk driving laws tougher. Some of these reasons include higher taxes for more arrests and more police officers patrolling the streets at night and on weekends. Not many people want to pay higher taxes. Taxes are the irritating part of the government that most people hate. Some may even say that raising taxes for a reason such as jailing people for a pity crime is nonsense. When looking at a DUI offense compared to a theft or murder, it makes sense that the crime may seem small. However, if someone were to be driving under the influence and got into an accident that caused a death, it could quickly turn into a murder charge.

It is understandable to not want to pay higher taxes as most of the public would agree that they would rather not. Our taxes are increased for different reasons every year and most of those reasons the public does not agree...
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