Mobile Tv in India

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Marketing Mobile TV in India
A Case study

Introduction – Executive Summary
India represents a unique opportunity in direct mobility due to its huge potential customer base and the relatively moderate penetration rate of services across this customer base. Paradoxically, the market is fragmented and price wars on voice services have reduced the margins on voice services to a minimum. In this context, with the upcoming advent of 3G, the possibility of generating more revenue than ever before from data related non SMS value added services is higher and more likely than ever before. Amongst the many value added services, Mobile Television is unique because it combines two screens on a single device – television & mobile. The penetration rate of mobile TV is currently very low. While technology in terms of suitability of mobile device has limited its spread to a certain extent, the problem looks set to be resolved within the next 36 months as mobile manufacturers are poised to provide sufficiently technologically advanced phones - thereby eliminating the challenge posed by the incompatibility of the mobile device. A more fundamental problem lies in the consumer choosing to view television on a mobile – the rigidity in not doing so poses the biggest challenge to future growth of the market. Traditionally, service providers have approached the mobile TV market by pushing all available content to the customers and allowing the customers to create their own bundles in line with their choices. The strategy is useful in a nascent market, however in a market poised for growth, the cost of providing an undifferentiated product with regard to competitors is high. It is therefore important for service providers to understand consumer needs in a better manner to be able to respond to the customer needs and increase their share of the market. The objective of this exercise is to understand the landscape of the Indian telecom Industry, determine the forces that influence the potential growth of the mobile VAS market and create a marketing strategy & marketing mix for Mobile TV as a VAS service. In arriving at the final recommendations, focussed interviews have been conducted with leading service providers and content creators. It is therefore hoped that the recommendations will be useful for service providers looking to enter the mobile TV market.

Introduction – Executive Summary3
Current landscape of Indian telecom industry4
Market size & growth4
Challenges to telecom5
Market forces/growth drivers5
Porter’s 5 Forces for Indian Mobile Telephony5
Value-Added Services (VAS) Market6
Impact of 3G on VAS6
Why is VAS not exciting enough?6
Factors leading to VAS innovation6
Mobile TV8
MOBILE TV worldwide8
Indian Scenario8
Market Segmentation for Mobile Television in India9
Market Targeting for Mobile Television in India –12
Market Positioning for Mobile Television in India –12
Marketing Mix – Product13
Marketing Mix – Promotion14
Marketing Mix - Distribution15
Marketing Mix - Pricing15
Mobile TV – Challenges16
Mobile TV – Future Opportunities17
Appendix A - Technology – How It works18

The following are the objectives of this report
Understand the landscape of the Indian telecom Industry
Determine the forces that influence the potential growth of the mobile VAS market •Create a marketing strategy & marketing mix for Mobile TV as a VAS service Research Methodology
The objectives were accomplished by using the following methodology ObjectiveResearch Methodology
Understand the Landscape of the Indian Telecom IndustrySecondary research using industry analysis, annual reports & media publications Determine forces which influence potential growth for the mobile VAS marketSecondary research, focussed interviews Create a marketing strategy & marketing mix for mobile TV as a VAS serviceSecondary research using Annual reports, media advertisements; focussed...
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