Motorola Case Study

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Motorola Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Case Study Analysis: Motorola, Inc.
Upon analysis of the Motorola Corporation, many opportunities have been identified in the external environment to both boost Motorola back into elite status in terms of the phone industry and further extend its long history of technology advancement and innovation. WiMax and the potential market surrounding it present the most promising business venture for Motorola. Heavy investments have been injected into WiMax , which has enabled Motorola to have the technology readily available for vendors to roll out. With the exponential growth and need for high speed communication, especially in rural or undeveloped areas, this venture holds the potential to for a dynamic impact on the technology world. This would play a key role for industries which outsource to other countries for cheaper labor in providing the necessary communication capacity needed for efficient business operations. In the American market alone, given the federal push to provide high-speed communication to out of reach environments, the potential for success is very high. With the respective partnership with Sprint-Nextel communications and Verizon TV, it can be a major player in the market by rolling out the technology on a broad scale using the existing market base. The rapidly growing cell phone market, specifically in the Asian market, holds another strong opportunity to re-penetrate the market and once again become the leading player. The exponential growth of users opens avenues to meet different consumer need, creating niche markets with the potential to secure a large sector of the market. Improved television and sound is yet another opportunity Motorola can capitalize on. Quality transmission of digital information is one of the heaviest researched sectors in today’s market. New improvements are constantly being sought and developed to keep a competitive edge in the highly competitive industry. Some of the same opportunities pose threats if not...
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