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Phone VoIP Technology for Communication

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VoIP is a technology that play its role in economic revitalization in various ways. It plays an important role in presidential elections. It play lead role under NBN(National Broadband Network). It also provide security means for the small businesses. But the another system in which VoIP plays its important role is the Telecommunication system. Use of telephones and mobiles for the sake of communication is at its peak during current period, and it needs highly efficient technologies to make it cheap, fast and frequent to ease the communication. The technology which bring modifications to the Telecommunication system is the VoIP. This paper discusses about the Mobile VoIP, various services provided by it, advantages, disadvantages and its working. VoIP is a transmission technology, which effect the Telecommunication system to the great extent and provide a lots of new services to the communication system. To get the benefit of the VoIP technology to the fullest, we should know how and which VoIP service we have to choose, based on our system’s requirements. This paper discuss the working of the VoIP diagramatically also.

VoIP Technology, VoIP Services, Internet, Telecommunication.

The Indian telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Telecommunication activities saw rapid growth in India starting at the dawn of the 21st century and since then, efforts have been made from both governmental and non-governmental organizations to further improve the telecommunication infrastructure. The eventual goal is to faster the development and to transform it into a country of technologically aware people. We face some problems within the telecommunication system,whose ranking is given below : Ranking of Telecommunication Problems

Mobile phone costs 48.6
Mobile phone coverage 42.1
Billing complexity 41.3
Email and internet 41.2
Service response 40.3
Cost 38.2 Capacity to change providers 34.5
Range of services 34.0
Reception / signal quality 30.5

Overall assessment of
telecommunications system 38.8

One of the solution to all these problems is VoIP technology. It solve all these problems to the large extent with some limitations. VoIP and related real-time communication applications, such as video conferencing and instant messaging, continue to attract considerable interest worldwide, with millions of active private and business VoIP users today. Carriers and enterprises are increasingly seeing the benefits of VoIP services that allow voice messaging and video conferencing to be conducted securely, like email, as communications are transferred freely over traditional phone networks and the Internet. VoIP promises many business benefits and efficiency gains, from integrated and streamlined voice and data communications to cost savings. In the rush to realise these benefits and the economic impact it is easy to forget that VoIP is an IP service and that VoIP networks and applications servers are exposed to all of the threats and risks that face other IP network services. We are all familiar with the security threats that face email and web servers and the consequences of ignoring those threats. If anything, the threats that face VoIP systems are even greater. VoIP is a complex real-time communication service less tolerant of disruption than more traditional network applications. Now the question arises What is VoIP technology. How it works and effect the...

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