Review Of STP Marketing Mix

Topics: Mobile phone, Nokia, Marketing Pages: 14 (3696 words) Published: January 13, 2015
 Review of
STP & Marketing Mix

Under the guidance of DR. reeti agarwal
Submitted by:
Krishnendu Karmakar (JL13FS23)
Arindam Banerjee(JL13FS15)
Paritosh Kumar Singh (JL13FS35)
Rajneesh Kumar Sharma (JL13FS44)


Report is an excellent tool for learning and exploration. No classroom routine can substitute which is possible while working in real situations. Application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations is the bonanzas of this report. Without a proper combination of inspection and perspiration, it‘s not easy to achieve anything. There is always a sense of gratitude, which we express to others for the help and the needy services they render during the different phases of our lives. We too would like to do it as we really wish to express our gratitude toward all those who have been helpful to us directly or indirectly during the development of this project. We would like to thank Dr. Reeti Agarwal who was always there to help and guide us when we needed help. Their perceptive criticism kept us working to make this project more full proof. We are thankful to her for her encouraging and valuable support. Working under her was an extremely knowledgeable and enriching experience for us. We are very thankful to her for all the value addition and enhancement done to us. No words can adequately express our overriding debt of gratitude to our parents whose support helps us in all the way. Above all we shall thank our friends who constantly encouraged and blessed us so as to enable us to do this work successfully. Paritosh Kumar Singh Arindam Banerjee Rajneesh Kumar Sharma Krishnendu Karmakar PGDM (FS) 2013-2015

Section- D
Introduction to NOKIA4
History of NOKIA5
Nokia’s Mission and Vision6
Awards and Acquisition7
NOKIA In India8
Market In INDIA9
Criteria For Segmentation10
Levels of market segmentation10
Segment Marketing10
Niche Marketing11
Demographic Segmentation11
Psychographic Segmentation11
Behavioral Segmentation12
Market Targeting12
Evaluating Market Segments12
Nokia Target Market Selection13
Selective Specialization13
Nokia’s Pricing Strategy13
Nokia Marketing Strategies13
Nokia Microsoft Partnership14
Differentiation and Positioning15
Positioning Map16
Positioning statement16
Marketing mix16

Company Profile
Introduction to NOKIA
As of 2012, Nokia employs 101,982 people across 120 countries, conducts sales in more than 150 countries, and reports annual revenues of around €30 billion. By 2012, it was the world's second-largest mobile phone maker in terms of unit sales (after Samsung), with a global market share of 18.0% in the fourth quarter of that year. Now, Nokia only has a 3% market share in smartphone. They lost 40% of their revenue in mobile phones in Q2 2013. Nokia is a public limited-liability company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It is the world's 274th-largest company measured by 2013 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500. Nokia was the world's largest vendor of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012. However, over the past five years its market share declined as a result of the growing use of touchscreen smartphones from other vendors—principally the iPhone, by Apple, and devices running on Android, an operating system created by Google. The corporation's share price fell from a high of US$40 in late 2007 to under US$2 in mid-2012. In a bid to recover, Nokia announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft in February 2011, leading to the replacement of Symbian with Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system in all Nokia smartphones. Following the replacement of the Symbian system, Nokia's smartphone...

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