Mobile phone

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Topic: Mobile phone
Objectives: After studying the lesson, students should be able to: Talk about the mobile phone (advantage and disadvantage of mobile phone). Improve speaking, reading and listening skill.
Improve vocabulary technology.
Time: 90 minutes
1. Warm-up
Explain about the core skills of performing.

The 3 Core Skills used when performing. These are:

• Body Language

• Facial Expressions

• Breathing

Eye Contact Circle – Group stands in a circle. Someone starts by obtaining eye contact with someone else in the circle. As soon as the first person has obtained eye contact with someone, they should walk towards that person’s position in the circle. Before the first person reaches this new position, the 2nd person should have obtained eye contact with someone else in the group and be moving towards this 3rd person’s position. The circle should keep moving like this. This entire exercise should be done in silence. 10 mins

2. Presentation& 3.Practice

Print out the phrases and the pictures
Hand them out randomly to the students
Ask the students to go around to match the body language pictures with the appropriate feelings After 3mins, ask them to stick the pictures with appropriate descriptions on the board Read the phrases and ask the whole class to repeat, while ask some students: ” Do you usually do that when you ‘feel attracted to someone’ “ etc… Let students be back to their seats

Put the pictures away, just leave the feelings
Teacher shows the body language and lets the students guess the feelings ------------------------------------------------
Divide the class into 2 groups
Call 2 groups to the front of the class
Ask them to stand at an equal distance from the blackboard
Teacher call outs a new phrase and each student in each group must run forward and slap the word on the black board The group who slaps the more right words first is the winner...
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