Why We Shouldn T Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

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Mobile phones are an amzing tool for some high school students but they can also be a bad thing. For example, cell phones are great if you need to look up information on the internet or message a friend if you needed help with something, but, they take away from face-to-face interaction and take students away from the real world and stay nose deep in there phones. Cell phones can also cause damage to your brain whether you feel it or not (rsafe.com). These mini-computers have revolutionized technology but can be hurting us at the same time. Mobile phones are a great tool to have if you need to look up information on the internet for research on a topic, to connect people all over the world, and to keep up with your school work from wherever you are. Phones are a great way to communicate with a person. Although talking through a phone is not as good as talking face-to-face, you can talk to someone across the world in seconds by dialing a number and pressing …show more content…
If a student is away from home and does not have a computer with them, they can pull out their phone and type any paper they need for school. This is a great thing because students are able to get more work done while travelling and not at home. This is a good thing for all the procrastinators because they can start working on an essay that is due whenever they want and wherever they are at.
Although mobile phones are a great tool for many students around the world, they can be a bad thing to students. For example, you can get side tracked by playing a game, they could watch videos on websites such as YouTube, and it can actually hurt students. On a student's mobile phone, they can easily get distracted with a notification from a game or a text message from a friend. One second they were working on their essay, now they are in a group chat making jokes with their friends or playing a game they had recently

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