Mobile Database Systems

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Mobile Database Systems [ 1 ]

Jerri Scott
Technical Essay #1
Mobile Database Systems MGT – 5151 Database Systems Management
November 7, 2010

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Due to the increasing utilization of mobile networks and devices, mobile database systems have become a prominent method of data access. Data maintenance becomes a necessity for users who require mobility. Therefore, the usage of mobile database systems provides a convenient way of data creation, collection and management through mobile networks. Wikipedia defines a mobile database system as “a database that can be connected to by a mobile computing device over a mobile network. The client and server have wireless connections. A cache is maintained to hold frequent data and transactions so that they are not lost due to connection failure. A database is a structured way to organize information. This could be a list of contacts, price information or distance travelled” [ (Wikipedia: mobile databases) ]. Information access and organization becomes the central theme behind mobile database systems. The appeal belongs to the fact that the users are able to access data on-the-go. There are several key components to mobile database systems. They include servers, software and devices. Various software manufacturers offer mobile database systems software for use on mobile devices. The software is a vital part of operating and maintaining mobile database systems. Such software is needed to achieve the desired effect of creation, collection and management of data during a time where quality, productivity and efficiency of work or personal data is needed to maintain so form of normalcy. The standard laptop and/or mobile devices are usually able to connect to servers for information request by the users and then have the information processed for data retrieval or collection. Mobile database functionality has a two part existence; one, connectivity and two, a mobile device. In order to have a true mobile

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