Mobile Business

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M Business

M Business
There are about 4 billion phones being used in the world today, and 1 billion of those being used are smartphones. Since 2012 more than 50 percent of local searches are performed on smartphones. Mobile internet usage is taking over desktop usage everyday. Any small business that is going to ignore this is putting the growth of their company at risk. One obvious business advantage of making the business more mobile is that it allows the business to keep going no matter where you may be at.” A study by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council found that business owners estimate they save 291 hours of their own time each year using mobile technology. That’s an extra five or six hours a week that can be spent focusing on generating revenue rather than toiling on admin”. Moving the company in a mobile direction and creating an application is the smartest thing to do. Applications are now probably the best way for the company to add value to the business and communicate directly with the customers. A huge positive with using applications is they are very cost effective and efficient. “The modern client will always go for the products or services that meet them at their comfort zone. You can only achieve this by creating applications that run on the most used gadgets around the globe, making it easier for prospective clients to reach you.” In a world dominated by the internet ,smartphones, and tablets the importance of mobile apps cannot be dismissed. I feel in the near future that applications will be just as important as having a website for your business. The roles that smartphones play in society is huge anymore, so being a business why not use that to your advantage. So from a business stand point it only makes sense to have some type of mobile application in play for your customers. This might be something that is changeling at first but the reward should more than outweigh the challenges and cost you may face. “Traditional marketing has been aimed at diverting people’s attention from what they’re really interested in towards whatever you may be offering, as through an ad in the paper, or a commercial in the middle of their favorite TV program, for example. But the beauty of Mobile Apps, in this new mobile world where virtually everyone already has or will soon be getting a Smartphone or Tablet, is simply this: … people want your Mobile Applications and are actively looking for them” Mobile Apps-Computers

Being a small business in today’s world can be very difficult for some. To become, and stay successful you need to compete and keep up with the bigger corporations. So when running a small business you want to be able to put your business in front of as many eyes as possible, and what is the best way to do that? Having an application for mobile devices. The days of using a personal computer are pretty much over. “Mobile Applications are to Smartphones as Websites are to computers. Businesses of all kinds, whether they are Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer focused, have seen tremendous growth resulting from using Mobile Apps”. With the way our world is now, the way business is done has completely changed from what it use to be. Now a days instead of going in to a store to take a look, or browse at things you might be interested in, people will just go online to look, or even buy. Since tablets and smartphones have took off, this has made it that much easier for people to be, and stay connected with their favorite restaurants, stores, and shops. Having a mobile application is crucial in today’s world, not only is it going to keep your existing customers happy and loyal, but it is going to help bring in a ton more new business. And what is awesome is that an application can work without an internet connection since most of the data is stored within the application. Chances of someone using the application without an internet connection is...

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