The Role of Wap in Web Development

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Web design Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Wireless application protocol is a set of global standards that makes mobile users access services and information and interact with web applications instantly. WAP has mobilized many of the Internet services making it more readily accessible anywhere in the world from any device- mobile, PC tablets, laptops, smart-phones, two-way radios, pagers and other mobile-counterparts of the PC, which are used on the move.Wireless application Protocol not only increases the portability of the Internet but also overrides the purpose of “fixed-point” connection as evident in conventional set-ups.

WAP enhances interoperability between different hand-held devices and is also operable on many operating systems which include PalmOS, EPOC, Windows CE, FLEXOS, OS/9, JavaOS and others of the like, which are embedded with “browser” widgets. Therefore WAP’s role in web development is paramount because of the underlying seamless connectivity it provides across different devices extending the Internet ideology to “anywhere anytime, any-webbed-device”. Additionally, WAP has bolstered the growth of many wireless networks such as the CDPD, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, TDMA, FLEX, ReFLEX, iDEN, TETRA, DECT, DataTAC, Mobitex and GRPS. The web potential through WAP discovers another dimension of connectivity, which streamlines through wireless devices expanding the platform of online business.

It is well known that a web-enabled or an online business has prospects on a wider consumer base. Be it products or services, the internet opens up different avenues to sell your business, transcending time and geography. With wireless application protocol, your online business performance is fueled by the extensibility of wireless devices from mobile phones, to PC tablets, iPADs etc, which enjoy greater proximity to the user – giving more visibility for your business. For instance, your WAP-enabled business site can alert your customers on their mobile phones or other hand-helds about an offer or sale...
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