Cellphones : Boon or Bane

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From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance. In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. Cellphones are modified forms of computers which are utilized mainly for communication that have rapidly spread throughout the world in less than 20 years. Even calculation of numerical values, storing of data and retrieval of data are possible in cellphones. According to the survey nearly 300 crores of people are using cellphone. It is estimated by 2010 nearly 500 crores of people use cellphone having internet and camera facility. The largest cell users in the world is china, next comes to India. The market share of Nokia is 52.8%, followed by 10.2% LG and 8.3% Samsung.

Alexander Graham Bell introduced telephone to a less developed society. But by the time when cell phones are invented; people are ready to accept any form of development. In a fast moving society such as our’s we cannot spare time just for walking to friends or for official purposes.

Besides this, with the aid of the latest WAP technology users can surf the internet, send emails and chat with other people at a low cost. It is obvious that the communication has become a lot easier now compared to the pre-mobile phones period. Mobile phones are lessening the pressure of the business and office work too. These days, the latest mobile phones are powered with Microsoft Office application for viewing and editing various types of files including Word, PDF, and Excel etc easing the office and business work (Markley, http://EzineArticles.com, retrieved 30th October, 2007). Moreover, in this modern world of advanced communication loads of business deals are made through mobile phone conferences.

The cellphone is without doubt a technological blessing, but its sounds, the ringing and the talking and the resultant cacophony in public places are turning out to be a source of irritation. The mobile menace is rampant in parks, cinema halls and stadia. Intrusive tunes echo even on hospital premises. While cellphone jamming equipment is coming into vogue in the advanced countries, how do we ensure some peace and quiet through self-imposed measures? Do we need a course in cellphone etiquette? Or, do we need legal measures to enforce some norms?

The number of cellphone users is increasing. The users are unmindful of the disturbance they cause to the people around them. The best way to ensure peace is through self-regulation by the cellphone users themselves. Use of cellphone in public places such as schools, cinema theatres, Government offices, hospitals and temples should be avoided. Use LCD displays

Cellphone activity and usage may be a nuisance in certain situations. Advanced technology can make cell phones less intrusive. Ring tones, for instance, could be substituted with customized LCD displays linked to the phones. The LCD displays reduce distraction due to calls while the user is driving a vehicle. As far as taking care to avoid causing disturbance to the public is concerned, it all depends entirely on an individual and his sense of etiquette and civility. In India, people are quite conscious of their status and they tend to show off. Laws can hardly have any effect on them. Status symbol

The craze for the modern gadget arises from a wrongly perceived notion of `status' among the public. Many people feel that their status depends on whether they possess a mobile or not. It is a sense of insecurity as you do not own a cellphone and your neighbour or friend owns one. Cellphone users need to have a fine sense of etiquette to avoid causing irritation to others while using their phones. If the vibration mode is switched on, the user will be alerted about an incoming call. This reduces the disturbance often caused by the constant ringing of the phone. Cellphone usually tends to ignore the people around when they are busy...
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