Mobile Computing

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Mobile Computing is agenericterm describing your ability to use technology 'untethered', that is not physically connected, or in remote or mobile (non static) environments. Our Mobile System Architecture supports applications by a middleware stub. Based on these architecture prototypes for Mobile Database Access (MODBC), Mobile Information Access (MWWW) and Mobile File Access (MLDAP) have been built to demonstrate the usability of the proposed approach. The research addresses topics like Application Stability in mobile environments, Multimedia, Quality of Service, Bandwidth and cost awareness, application transparency and Security. Introduction:

Mobile Computing is agenericterm describing your ability to use technology 'untethered', that is not physically connected, or in remote or mobile (non static) environments. The term is evolved in modern usage such that it requires that the mobile computing activity be connected wirelessly to and through the internet or to and through a private network. This connection ties the mobile device to centrally s through the use of battery powered, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices. This includes devices like laptops with wireless LAN or wireless WAN technology, smart mobile phones, wearable computers and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) with Bluetooth or IRDA interfaces. Many types of mobile computers have been introduced since the 1990s, including the: * Laptop computer

* Subnotebook
* Personal digital assistant (PDA)
* Portable data terminal (PDT)
* Mobile data terminal (MDT)
* Tablet personal computer
* Smart phone
What is mobile computer?
* A computer which you can take with you all around.
* You can do all the things which can be done with a desktop computer. * You should be able to use same software, which you use on a desktop computer.

Mobile computer - How?

* One possibility is to have a standalone computer capable of storing large amount of software and data files, processing power to support the required applications. * Modern day laptop computer are something like this.

* Whenever you are static, connect to internet through an access point and you can do the file transfer, telnet, web browsing etc.
* While on the move, connectivity is desired for using software which requires cooperation of at least two machines.

History of mobile devices:

Originally, electronic devices such as radio transmitters, wireless communications systems, and the like, were base stations, operated at fixed locations, typically with large antenna towers. Widespread use of automobiles gave rise to smaller devices operating at 6 volts. In the 1950s, the transition to 12 volt automotive electrical systems gave rise to a large number of 12 volt devices, such as two-way radios, referred to as mobile rigs. A large industry, with companies such as Motorola sprung up to support the growing need for mobile devices, such as taxicab radios, police radios, and other 12 volt under dash equipment, as well as trunk mount systems. Today there are a wide variety of mobile computing platforms, including dash-mount VGA displays, and computers that can provide GPS and other navigation functions for automobile users.

Addressing the above mentioned tasks we propose a mobility supporting architecture. This architecture consists of a Mobility Service Architecture, describing the way we implement our mobility services in a computer system, and a Mobility Environment Architecture describing how data are transmitted between computers in mobile environments and what tasks the different stations fulfill in our architecture Mobility Services Architecture:

Mobility services can be classified into three groups. First there are services designed to overcome common restrictions of mobile computing, which arise mainly from the slowness, insecurity and instability of wireless or...
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