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CIS3011 Project: Design a Mobile Application

Choose your type of App

The first thing your project team needs to do is decide which type of Mobile Application you wish to design. Please read this entire document carefully before making your decision. All Mobile Applications, regardless of which type they are, will be required to provide the same types of information for the Project Report. Different sections of the required information will be easier or harder to provide depending on which type of Mobile Application you choose.

For the purposes of your CIS3011 project, your Mobile Application can be one of the following types.

1. Commercial App: Your original, whiz-bang, you beaut App for which customers are willing to pay a realistic price. Paying can be an upfront purchase or a subscription but the revenue generated must justify your estimated development costs and ongoing maintenance. In other words, this isn’t an App like the gang on Big Bang Theory developed which had a potential market of about 30 users! We’re talking commercial, aka real commerce; you’ll need to be able to identify a realistic market segment for your Mobile Application.

2. Business App: Select an existing business or create a fictional one and design a Mobile Application for them which you feel will help them better serve their customer’s needs, sell more products, etc. This App will be freely available so the estimated costs for development and ongoing maintenance will need to be justified by increased sales and/or savings from business process improvements, etc.

Required Information for Project Report

Regardless of Mobile Application type, all project reports must include the information discussed below. If you don’t know how to find/develop the required information please ask your Project Supervisor. All of the deliverable information discussed below builds on the course work covered in the Information Technology Management major.

Your Project Specification Report must cover the first four topics below: project background, purpose, solution and market. The business analysis activities listed below must be included in the high level Table of Contents provided in your Project Specification Report. They should also be broken down into incremental tasks assigned to team members in your Project Specification Report‘s detailed project schedule. These project tasks will form the basis for what your team develops for the rest of the semester. Please carefully read the material provided in your course content for the full requirements for your team’s Project Specification Report.

The Final Project Report will then include the revised, based on feedback, project background, purpose, solution and market. It will also include the fully developed business analysis information listed below.

Project background

Provide the context in which the project exists. If the project is for a specific business, then provide a description of the business - who they are, what industry they operate in, what products/services they sell, market segments, etc. If the project is for a more general area or for a specific technology area, than provide a background of the purpose and applications of the technology. This section must provide sufficient briefing on the project background and the required technological knowledge to enable the reader to understand the context and importance of your project. Do not assume any prior technical knowledge. All technical terms must be explained and all acronyms defined.

Purpose of your Mobile Application

Describe the situation or problem that your Mobile Application is designed to address and why it is important to do so.

How does your Mobile Application provide a solution

Discuss how you plan to address the problem...
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