MMT2 IT strategic solutionTask 4

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Running Head: MMT2 Task 4 – Shore and More Bicycles


IT Strategic Solutions – MMT2 Task 4

Shore and More Bicycles
Western Governor’s University



MMT2 Task 4 – Shore and More Bicycles


A. Key aspects of the IT infrastructure that must be in place to support the growth strategy of the company
In order to succeed in its plans to expand in the near future, Shore and More Bicycles must upgrade its IT infrastructure to ensure it is capable of handling the requirements of the expansion. The following are the key aspects of the IT infrastructure that must be put in place to support the company’s growth strategy:

1. Large capacity network attached storage with cloud synchronization, offsite backup and accessibility across the company’s domain and sites. This upgrade will ensure that the company’s data and other intellectual property is stored in a central location accessible to the employees who need them regardless of their physical location. 2. Multi-site enabled intranet secured behind an intrusion detection system (IDS) and a robust hardware based firewall. Having an intranet is a key feature that will enable the employees of the company to access internal company sites and resources without potentially exposing sensitive data to the internet.

3. Integrated database servers to enable the real time synchronization and sharing of data between enterprise software applications and accessibility of that data between company sites. Synchronizing data in real time will ensure that work is not duplicated by multiple employees. It will also save storage data since it will help eliminate file and data duplication.

4. Enterprise email servers with unlimited SPAM filtering capabilities as well as robust virus, malware and spyware scanners and detectors. The new email servers will ensure that the growing company is compliant with regulations regarding the storage of emails. It will also enable more efficient communication among employees.

MMT2 Task 4 – Shore and More Bicycles


Remote Desktop Management and Imaging software. Remote desktop management software will enable the remote configuration, troubleshooting and repair of company equipment. This will save the company money that would have been spent maintaining separate IT teams at each company location. Also the imaging software will allow IT administrators to deploy software and manage computer security polices from a central location to ensure that all company computers are in compliance.

6. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS is a key upgrade because it will give administrators and employees the time needed to ensure all work is saved and backed up in case of a power outage.

7. Comprehensive human resource, benefits and payroll management system. Having a comprehensive HR, benefits and payroll management system will save the company the money it spends on maintaining separate HR teams and administrators at its locations. It will also ensure that employees have access to their payroll and benefit information which will have a positive impact on their productivity.

8. Full-featured customer resource management (CRM) system integrated with knowledgebase management software. This will ensure that the company maintains current and accurate data on its customers and all their interactions with the company. This will enable more accurate accounting and forecasting and will also help the company improve its customer support response times.

9. Online order fulfilment system. This upgrade will ensure that the company is able to manage all orders in an accurate and timely manner. It will also eliminate the purchasing barriers for potential customers who are more accustomed to shopping online. It will

MMT2 Task 4 – Shore and More Bicycles


enable the company to manage its inventory with respect to the orders it is receiving so customers are always aware of what the company has in stock. Implementing the following...
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