MMT2 IT strategic solution task 1

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Running Head: MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal

IT Strategic Solutions – MMT2 Task 1

Technology Upgrade Proposal

Western Governor’s University


MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal



A – Utilizing SWOT Analysis to Evaluate the Existing IT Infrastructure Strengths
After analyzing the background information and data provided in the case study, the following were identified as the strengths of AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure: •

Recent upgrade of IT infrastructure – According to the case study AEnergy recently updated its IT infrastructure by increasing server storage capacity to accommodate the increased demand for resources. This upgrade appropriately positions the company with respect to its storage capabilities ahead of its plans to expand to the east coast.

Site Interconnectivity – Another strength of the company’s current IT infrastructure is the network interconnectivity between the headquarters and the company’s remote sites which makes it possible for employees to work and interact as if under one roof. This facilitates collaboration and allows the entire IT infrastructure to be managed and administered from a central location.

Production Status Reporting System – Another strength of AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure is the deployment of the production status reporting system. The new system has increased the efficiency of the IT infrastructure and helped curb the overall cost to run and maintain the system. By increasing system efficiency the company is able to deliver its services more efficiently and thus can pass its savings on to its customers.

Knowledge and experience of IT department staff – Another strength of the company’s current IT infrastructure is the expertise of the staff responsible for administering it. The company’s IT department is made up of highly educated and qualified individuals who have proven to be capable of running and administering a

MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal



robust and dependable IT infrastructure. Having a highly qualified staff will be crucial as the company expands to the east coast. AEnergy’s IT staff have over 80 years of experience between them which will come in handy as they configure, deploy and extend the infrastructure to cater for the expected growth.

The results of the SWOT analysis also revealed areas of weakness in AEnergy’s IT infrastructure. The following are some of the weaknesses identified:

Data Security – AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure has many security features which makes it a fairly robust system. However, the case study makes no mention of the security protocol for USB flash drives and other external drives that may be connected by company employees to the network infrastructure. The case study also does not address external drive encryption. Without a security protocol for external drives, the company has a gaping hole in its IT infrastructure which makes it vulnerable to a security breach that could jeopardize the sensitive data stored on the network. Even though the company employs location tracking to manage the location of laptops and other devices, securing the data on the drives through drive encryption is crucial to ensuring the security of the entire system. This would ensure that even if devices are lost or stolen, the data on the drives would remain secure.

Wireless Security – AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure utilizes WIFI to enable easy and convenient connectivity to the network. The company secures the wireless network through MAC filtering and WAP encryption. MAC filtering ensures that only authorized devices are allowed access to the wireless network. This a necessary first step to wireless

MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal



network security. However, reliance on WAP encryption, which is known to have exploitable vulnerabilities, opens the network to potential breaches. The...
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