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  • Technical Support

    Assignment Title: Unit 12: I.T Technical Support / Assignment 3 Unit Number: Unit 12 Student Name: SO number: Tutor Name: Date Issued: 10/01/2012 Submission Date: 31/01/2012 First Hand in Date: Date Returned: Final Hand in Date: Date Returned: Declaration: Table of Contents Task 1 – Tools and techniques used for technical support – P1 Technical support is a user friendly assistance

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  • Customer Service and Immediate Technical Support

    information so that your order can be processed with our new database software? c. We are now offering RapidAssist‚ a software program that provides immediate technical support through our website to your employees and customers. d. To provide better service‚ a new software named RapidAssist is now offered to provide you with immediate technical support from our website to employees and customers e. To provide you with easy access to the new parking lot‚ a new restriction policy has been activated for

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  • Technical Support and Customer Service Agent

    understanding. Walgreens Technincian‚ Chapter 8 – Get Satisfaction 2 A. I am contacting you about your recent email request for technical support on your cable Internet Service. As Tech Support‚ we try to figure out exactly what each customer’s specific problem is so that we can trouble shoot quickly and get you back in business as quickly as possible. On the online support request form‚ there are a number of fields to enter your type of computer‚ operating system‚ memory and so on. You told us you

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  • Oracle Support

    how much time can Configuration Support Manager reduce time to log a Service Request? 0.1 0.75 0.3 0.05 0.5 2. Advanced Customer Services provide personalized support above and beyond Premier Support True False 3. Which 2 of the following are benefits of running HealthChecks? (Choose all correct answers) Reduced Cost Optimized System Performance Increased Risk Active Problem Avoidance None of the Above 4. Maintenance Wizard is a support tool for Siebel based products?

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  • The Technical Textile Industry in India

    NOTE ON TECHNICAL TEXTILES Technical textiles has often been referred as the sunshine sector in India and there is little doubt about the growth of technical textiles industry in the years to come. Technical textiles are functional fabrics which have applications in a very diverse range of economic activities including automobiles‚ civil engineering and construction‚ agriculture‚ healthcare‚ industrial safety‚ personal protection etc. There are basically 12 segments of technical textiles which

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  • Customer Support for IT professional

    Customer support provision for the IT professional (7540-030) Assignment set up: This assignment is made up of five tasks • Task A – obtain support information. • Task B – assess customer feed back. • Task C – interpret trends. • Task D – provide remote technical support and coaching. • Task E – provide written user instructions for non-technical customers and to recommend suitable training courses and coaching sessions. Scenario You are employed by a company that provides a range

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  • computer support specialist

    notes. “‚ So as I talked him through the steps again we got it working. I have chosen to become a computer support specialist. Computer Support specialist is a helpful type of job. It can be very flexible. I got to thinking about the way things were going and wanted to start a real career. I did some research and found this information maybe someone else could use it to help them. A computer support specialist helps all types of people with computer problems. One can chose to help the regular Joe or

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  • Effectiveness of Erp Support System

    Effectiveness of an ERP Vendor’s Customer Support E-system By Sofia S. Zuberi Supervisor: Peter Steverin Master’s Thesis in Business Administration 27 June 2010 Abstract In today’s business climate many organizations are implementing ERP systems to connect all their processes into one system thereby hoping to benefit off the resulting efficiencies. ERP Vendors are trying to best cater to the needs of their customers‚ and this extends into the post-implementation period where customers

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  • Internship Experience Customer Tech Support

    Customer Technical Support Experience with InterTech Introduction I am very grateful that I have achieved a portion of my goals before I am too old. It was the year 2001-2004; I was enrolled and studying to be a computer technician at Western Nebraska Community College. I learned how to troubleshoot computers; program websites‚ and work in a database program. As I graduated for the first time at Western Nebraska Community College as a Computer Technician in May 2004‚ I was persuaded to continue

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  • The Design of Microsoft® Support Network 1.0

    Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Corporation: The Design of Microsoft® Support Network 1.0 1. What factors suggest that Microsoft’s PSS Division needs a more comprehensive and flexible approach for its service offerings? Admittedly‚ Microsoft’s support services were not as good as those offered by some competitors. Several factors contributed to the nondescript nature of Microsoft services. Previous support service policy had been determined at the product level. Annually‚ each product manager

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