Mississippi River and Essay

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My mother never worked
1. What kind of work did Martha Smith do while her children were growing up? List some of the chores she performed? The writer Donna Smith-Yackel’s mother did lots of work throughout her life. She was a mother of more than half dozen of children. While her children were growing up she had to do many works, tasks and household chores to sustain or to keep family going. After her marriage, she helped her husband in farming. She learned to set hens, and raise chickens, feed pigs, milk cows, plant and harvest a garden and carry every fruits and vegetables. She carried water nearly a quarter of a mile from well to fill her wash boilers in order to do her laundry on a scrub board. She also had to shuck grain, feed threshers, and shock and husk corn, feed corn pickers. In winter she sewed dresses, trousers and jackets for the children, housedresses, aprons for herself. She even made pillows from plucking each bird’s breast feathers, not only for her family but also for her relatives. Every morning and evening she milked cows, fed pigs and calves, cared for her chickens, picked eggs, cooked meals, washed dishes, rubbed floors. Apart from these works and household chores she had to look after her children. Even after her car accident and she was paralyzed she didn’t stop working. From her wheel chairs she canned pickles, baked bread, ironed clothes, wrote dozens of letters weekly to her friends and children.

2. Why isn’t Martha Smith eligible for a death benefit? Martha smith was a very hard working woman who worked throughout her life to sustain or keep family going. She served her entire family and relatives doing all the household chores. But work done by her in home didn’t entitle her the dead benefit. She wasn’t eligible for the dead benefit because she never served for the state. And according to the government any job is considered work only when the person gives service to the country. The household work is still not considered a work by government. So; Martha smith is not eligible for the dead benefit.

3. How does government define work?
For government a work done by a home maker to sustain or keep family going is not a work.Acccording to the government any work done by a person which gives service to a country and he gets wages for it and pays apart of wages as tax to the government is called work.

Purpose and audience

1. What is the essay’s thesis? Why do you suppose it is never explicitly stated? Thesis-a woman who works all her life day and night is not regarded as work or not entitled for a death benefit. Thesis is not explicitly stated as it is not mentioned in the introduction part or in the conclusion part.

2. This essay appeared in ms magazine and other publications whose audiences are sympathetic to feminist goals? Could it just as easily have appeared in the magazine whose audience was not? Explain. This essay is mainly focused towards the feminist side but the fact is that it also has a human appeal that suits everyone to read it and also understand exactly the same way as a woman could feel .The mother represents the whole of the women side. It is suitable for the non-feminist readers as well. It could have been published in the other magazines also. While reading this essay we could visualize Martha smith as our own mother. Even our mother works rigorously as her. 3. Smith Yackel mentions relatively little about her father in the essay. How can you account for this? The essay, “My mother never worked” is written by Yackel and this essay is a tribute to her mother. She has mainly written about her mother who worked rigorously throughout her life to sustain her family. She hasn’t mentioned about her father as she wants to divert all the reader’s attention towards her mother. She...
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