Prison and Fleet Convict Database

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First Fleet Convict Database
Answer the following questions!
1.Check to see if any convicts with your surname were transported on the first fleet. A - None of my family was. 2.What did Joshua Taylor steal that saw him sentenced to transportation? A - for stealing a handkerchief. 3.How old was Elizabeth Beckford when she was transported? A – 70 4.What was unusual about John McIntire? A – That he was allowed to carry a gun. 5.What was Martha Kennedy do for a living before being transported? A - Her occupation was listed as pinheader 6.What is the date of birth of Mary Branham’s child show what was happening on the first fleet? A – Mary was in a relationship while on the boat 7.How did James Freeman escape his second death sentence? A – because he was a Free-man (I can’t find any answer.) 8.How many siblings did Samuel Peyton have? A – He was the 21st Child. 9.How many lashes did James La Rue, a 21 year old male on board the charlotte receive? A – He received 546 out of 800 lashes. 10.What did John Black Caesar become Australia’s first of? A – He became Australia’s first Bushranger until he was shot. 11.Who did Elizabeth Parker trave with? A – Elizabeth Parker travelled with her daughter because she became pregnant while in gaol. 12.What did John Irvine become the first of in Australia? A – he was known as the best surgeon in New South Wales 13.What did James Holloway do that had him wearing leg iron for a year? A – He was a part of a group whom attacked aborigines. 14.What three men did Ann Green have children to? A - can’t work it out! 15.If James Copp died on February 19th, how many days did he live in Australia for? A – I don’t know how to work it out. 16.What did William Farley steal that saw him transported to Australia? A – he was transported for stealing sugar. 17.How old was John Hudson when he was arrested? A – He was 9 years old 18.What corporeal punishment did he receive? A – 50 lashes for being out of his hut after 9pm. 19.How...
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