Topics: Hmong people, Wind, 2005 singles Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Phuong Nguyen

English Composition I

DATE: April 26, 2013

The life of Black Hmong women

Living between the beautiful landscape and wild nature, Sapa is located of the many ethnic minorities and unique culture, one of them is the Black Hmong women. In the different of culture, the man is a leader of the house, do the heavy thing to earn money to support the family, this is the reason why all the Black Hmong women much have to do everything such as raising kid, housework, planning rice, …without helps. It makes more the Hmong women are strength, beautiful icon in Vietnam.

Looking at the picture you will impress the smile on the young women with her kid make the picture more harmonious between the magnificence natural. Picture show us the route life, in the morning, starting for the new day with the buffalo for planting her small plot of steak rice paddies. On the other view, the route life of Hmong woman is so hard, maybe strict to the normal woman, when they have to work on the early morning to the nighttime. The wild beautiful landscape of mountain make the women be smaller, undefended but the Hmong woman prove to the viewer the strength, relief to the life she lives. The smiling on her face like erases the cold of the winter, the foggy in the morning and brings more energy for the new day. Additional, she is on the way to go to work with her buffalo, she seems not fear the cold, and the hard things come to her and her child, she smile because she believes what she will do. The unique costume she wears it is not enough to protect her from the wind blow in early morning but her feeling is good, no scare, make the viewer’s impression be love to the picture.

At the same time as she carry on her child during the time to work, with the normal women is an impossible mission, they cannot take care their child during the working time. In contrast to everything of the life, Hmong woman still carry her child and take...
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