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Hmong People

The Latehomecomer, is a fascinating story about a Hmong family and their struggle to get out of Laos and come to America as refugees. The Hmong people are a very proud people and they do not want to forget their culture. One can clearly see that the Hmong people hold close their identity and do not want to conform to the Vietnamese way. They take pride in their culture, their society, and the way they view how government should run. Hmong people did not agree with the Vietnamese communist government...

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Communicable Disease

breathes in the bacteria can fight off the infection. Persons with latent TB have no symptoms and are not contagious unless the bacterium becomes active in one’s body. Once the illness is active it becomes active TB, and the person will become sick. People who have weakened immune systems because of other illness are more susceptible to contracting active TB. According to the “CDC” (2010), “The general symptoms of TB disease include feelings of sickness or weakness, weight loss, fever, and night sweats...

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Gran Torino Review

past the evil exterior or Eastwood once he helped save Tao from gang members. The favor sparked the relationship that led to the death of Walt. As I look deeper into this movie I find that this movie dealt heavily with prejudice and hatred towards people. There was age, racial, cultural and religious prejudice. In one scene it was Walt Kowalski’s birthday and his son and daughter in law arrived with cake in hand. They all sat down at the table and the couple sang happy birthday to Walt. They talked...

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The life of Black Hmong women Living between the beautiful landscape and wild nature, Sapa is located of the many ethnic minorities and unique culture, one of them is the Black Hmong women. In the different of culture, the man is a leader of the house, do the heavy thing to earn money to support the family, this is the reason why all the Black Hmong women much have to do everything such as raising kid, housework, planning rice, …without helps. It makes more the Hmong women are strength...

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Gran Torino

that appears disillusioned from the modern world and is alienated from his family and seemingly bitter towards everyone. By an at-first shaky relationship with his Hmong neighbors, Walt develops a connection with them and goes through a revelation of sorts about his life and eventually makes the ultimate sacrifice for a young Hmong boy. Sixteen Candles, on the other hand, is a coming of age story of a young teenage girl, Sam, and her journey through high school. Sam is seen as very insecure and...

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Educating Rita

doesn’t want to see’ and she has realised the damage she caused herself, acting like someone she isn’t. Frank soon discovers that Rita has a lot more common sense than the so-called educated class within which he moves. Rita believes that educated people have better lives and have all the answers that Rita wants to find out. She believes that if she gains this education she will know all the answers to lifes questions and have a much better life. Rita doesn’t have her own culture and doesn’t believe...

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Belonging Essay

Belonging Essay – The Crucible Outline Intro: Main Body for Intro: Due to the complex and abstract nature of the concept of belonging, a true sense of belonging can be found in different circumstances for different people. As each individual has different values, morals and desires in life, they find their place in the world and a genuine sense of belonging through different types of relationships, if that relationships was through family or from another sort of social interaction. Conversely...

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gran torino

difficulties of life that an individual can truly be at rest even by guns. In the movie Walt is the main contributor to justifying violence and gun culture including saving sue and her friend from near death as well as the Hmong saves Thao from Latino gang, saving Tao from the Hmong gang also his cousins and for everyone’s greater good giving up his life to save Tao and his family from anymore danger. As sue and her date are walking down the street they are confronted by bunch of street thugs(the black...

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Gran Torino Film Review

Gran Torino Gran Torino is an American drama film, released in 2008 film directed and produced by and also starring Clint Eastwood. Set in Detroit, Michigan it was the first mainstream U.S. film to feature Hmong Americans. Gran Torino was a critical and commercial success, grossing nearly $270 million worldwide and is also said to be Clint Eastwood’s most successful film, but as like many films Gran Torino received both praise and criticism. “Gran Torino” tells the story of Walt Kowalski (Clint...

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Belonging Essay

not belonging can be influenced by connections to people. Connecting to people is essential to developing a sense of belonging. When people aren’t connected to others they can feel isolated or alienated. Two texts that examine this idea are the motion picture ‘Gran Torino’ directed by Clint Eastwood and Steven Herrick’s verse novel ‘The Simple Gift’. For people to perceive that they really belong, they need to make connections with the people around them. In ‘Gran Torino’ Eastwood examines this...

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