Mis Brill

Topics: Woman, Stoat, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Discussion Questions for “Miss Brill”

1. What nationality is Miss Brill?
An English woman
2. What is the setting? Why is it important?
the setting of the story is in France, we can tell by the description of the location of the "Jardins Publiques". This is where the story takes place and the French meaning for that place is “Public Gardens.” I think that this fact is important because it is commonly known that the English and French really don’t get along with each other. They have different believes, customs, and culture, which may help explain how the other characters in the novel felt about Miss Brill. 3. How old is Miss Brill? What are her circumstances? Why does she listen in on conversations? A.) a middle-aged B) overhears a young couple's cruel remark about herself, and the story ends with her realizing that she is not really needed in the busy world, and she thinks that she heard the fur crying 4. Of what importance to the story is the woman in the ermine toque? An ermine, or stoat, is a short-tailed weasel whose fur whitens during the winter months. Some ermine display a black tail as well. The fur of the ermine has been used for centuries for luxury items and clothing. A toque is a small women's hat, either with no brim or a very narrow brim. They are made of soft fabrics and fit close to the head. Toques came into favor in France in the 16th century. Mrs. Brill, relates to a woman wearing an ermine toque. The women in the Ermine toque was a symbol of how even the most beautiful may fade and not so gracefully at that. 5. What is Miss Brill’s mood at the beginning of the story? What is it at the end? Why? A)a cheerful and uplifting setting during the beginning of the text, "And the band sounded louder and gayer...brilliantly fine...great spots of light", THEN This mood continues throughout, as she casts the young lovers as the, "hero and heroine" of the play, until their dialogue is heard, Miss Brill is left...
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