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Topics: Greek mythology, Kill, Marriage Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 19, 2015
1. We learn that medea and Jason both absconded from medeas home country, which meant betraying them and killing medea’s family in the process. Once they were in their current country they had two kids, then Jason left them for the princess of the lands. And now medea is heartbroken and murderous. 2. The tutor has heard that Creon plans to throw Medea and her progeny out of the country. 3. The nurse fears for medea’s children because she is murderous and slightly insane. Anything that reminds her of Jason is in danger, including her children. 4. She fears the tempers of great people, and their random natures that are born from that. 5. The members of the chorus represent the voices of the townspeople and the citizens in general. 6. she wants to speak to the women who live in the town so they will not treat her like a pariah or like she is in need., 7. They were essentially just people meant to sastify their husbands without any thoughts of their own desires. That is why Jason so easily leaves his wife and marries the princess. 8. If medea were a native then she would have family and friends to go to for comfort and to stay with, but she killed family memebrs to go with Jason so she cannot go back to her homeland. She has forsaken it. 9. Medea asks if the chorus will help her exact retribution for the crimes of her husband against the creon, Jason, and the princess. 10. Creon comes to exile medea for fear of her causing harm to his daughter or himself. 11. Because clever people usually have harder lives.

12. *Because she was once his family, and he still considers her his family, even know he has betrayed her 13. He lets her stay in the city for one more day. He isn’t being merciful but more foolish. 14. She resolves to extract revenge against Jason by killing the princess. 15. The sun god.

16. the male sex is cruel and deceitful towards the other. Most poets think that women are the cruel ones in relationship. 17. he thinks that medea is responsible for...
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