Midterm Exam Questions 2015

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Theory Pages: 3 (1589 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Midterm exam questions

1.6. Describe your understanding of science literacy. Why is it important that students become scientifically literate? You can refer to the authors on this if you wish and add your own thoughts.

 Everyone is included in “science for all”. “Instead science teaching now focuses on helping students become scientifically literate, to assist them to develop practical understanding of science, all while recognizing that many students will elect not to continue to study science” (12). Because I haven’t taught yet, I can’t really answer what my experiences have been, but I look forward to teaching a wide array of students and hopefully opening their eyes to the wonders of science education. 

1.8. What do the authors mean by teachers viewing students through a deficit mentality?

The perspective I agree with most is Gallard’s. I do believe that if a student’s observations and ideas do not fit the typical pattern of science, that they should not be discarded. I feel that placing boundaries does limit science, which is unfair. In a subject that is all about asking questions and proving your findings, I believe that Gallard makes very valid points. Science is about wonder, not about teaching students strictly to the book. Yes, science is about nature, but it has many components, it’s not JUST science as Good seems to think.   

1.9. Are there differences between children entering school? What might they be? Do you think some students enter school with backgrounds that may inhibit their ability to learn? (Think about what Gloria Ladson Billings had to say about this. Did what she had to say change your views?)

Culture is explained as two components: objects and actions. The objects are physical tools and the culturally specific ways that these tools are used. Actions are the ways that participants of a social group think and interact with each other (20).  The authors explain, “Rather than discuss culture that feel alien and...
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