Culture Around the World

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Culture Around The World

The most persuasive element of society is culture, which consists of the language, values, beliefs, rules, behaviors, and physical artifacts of a society. In others words one may think of it as society’s “personality” Culture can give us codes of conduct, a proper and acceptable way of living life. Society would be disastrous if it weren’t for cultures, which help us live together under the same set of general rules.

Cultures around the world share some very common characteristics. Culture is shared, it is learned, it is based on symbols, and it is integrated. Culture is not a characteristic one is born with but instead one that is learned. Children begin learning about their culture at home with their immediate family and how they interact with each other, how they dress, and the rituals they perform. When one grows older and ventures out into the community, their cultural education is advanced by watching social interactions, taking part in cultural activities and rituals in the community, and forming their own relationships and taking their place in the culture. These four characteristics of culture are present in every culture, no matter where the culture is located in the world. The manipulation and sculpting of these characteristics is how a culture defines itself and sets it apart from other cultures. However, outside influences also have an impact on the sculpting of these characteristics and may cause the culture to change in ways that are harmful to the stability of the culture.

Cultures are also different from each other in a number of ways. History, geography, genetics, religion, and language can all affect the culture and how they differ from each other. In terms of our day-to-day lives, culture can differ in ways such as our Style of Communication, Approach towards Conflict, Decision-Making, and Approach to Acquire Knowledge. For communication, across cultures, some people give more importance to non-verbal...
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