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Topics: Middle Ages, Holy Roman Empire, Europe Pages: 4 (862 words) Published: November 5, 2012
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1. As compared to its experience in the early Middle Ages, western Europe in the High Middle Ages was
a. more decentralized.c. less militaristic.
b. less isolated. d. more religiously diverse.

2. During the late Middle Ages,
a. kingship was despotic and absolute.
b. kings became more powerful than popes.
c. democracy became an important part of most European governments. d. developing nations became polarized with little attempt to discuss problems through diplomacy. 3. By the fifteenth century, which of the following nations had developed into a strong national monarchy with a centralized bureaucracy and a professional army? a. Francec.England

b. Spaind.All of these answers are correct.
4. The Cluny reform movement sought to
a. remove the clergy from royal authority and strengthen the powers of the pope. b. strengthen the powers of the Holy Roman Emperor.
c. rejoin the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. d. abolish monasticism and promote clerical marriage.
5. One of the most important results of the Crusades was that a. permanent Christian kingdoms were established in the Near East. b. the Black Death spread from Europe to Asia.
c. trade and cultural exchanges with Asia were encouraged. d. None of these answers are correct.
6. The final re conquest of Spain from the Turks took place a. in the eleventh century C.E.
b. in the eighth century C.E.
c. in the fifteenth century C.E.
d. in the seventeenth century C.E.
7. Pope Urban II justified a Crusade to take Jerusalem based on all of the following claims except a. the agricultural productivity of the land surrounding it. b. Jesus lived and died there.

c. its...
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