Metropolis Comparison

Topics: Social class, Working class, Wealth Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 8, 2012
In the late 1920s, Germany produced a silent film with captions called “Metropolis”. The movie is about a futuristic city that contains two social classes. The first class would be the rich people who live in the city, enjoying all of the modern luxuries, and making a lot of money. Down below exist a highly controlled working class that keep the city running. These people know nothing but work and what is preached to them. The two classes do not know much about each other. One of the working class people, named Maria, is the heroin of the story. Toward the middle of the movie, a robotic female who is made to look like Maria is created. The robotic evil version of Maria is the antagonist of the movie. Maria, one of the protagonists of the movie, preached God’s word. She spoke of kindness and love. She was a beautiful girl with a spiritual soul that seemed to reach out to everyone around her. She was loving and caring. After the machine was destroyed in the movie, she helped save all of the children from the flooding city below. She was in love with Freder, the other protagonist in the story. The two of them worked to set things right in metropolis. They worked to reunite the two social classes, and they tried to stop Rotwag and the evil robot made to look like Maria. Hel (Rotwag’s name for the robot made to look like Maria) was created by Rotwag, a crazy scientist who wanted to destroy metropolis and Freder. By creating Hel, Rotwag could infiltrate the lower worker’s city and cause the workers to rise against, and turn the rich people against each other via Hel’s seductive looks. Hel looked just like Maria. The only difference between the two was that Hel was an evil robot that preached the devil’s word, and tried to destroy Metropolis. Hel used her good looks to hypnotize the wealthy men of metropolis. They turned against each other, and fought over her. No one fought over Maria though. She may have been equally beautiful, but she was...
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