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Luis Perez Eco Map
Francesca Crouch
Kaplan University Online

Luis Perez and his family immigrated to the United States from Argentina. In Argentina they were very successful, but thought that America could open up more possibilities for the family. The thought of better education for his children and better chances for his business of growing grapes to sell to vineyards is the main reason why Luis and his family immigrated to America. Luis and his wife Maria whom he has known most of all his life have eight kids; Rolando, Lupe, Anna, Roselina, Gracelia, Yesenia, Garielle, and Maritza. Rolando is the eldest at nineteen years and Maritza being the youngest at three years. Luis’s father and mother, Ramon and Carmen also reside with the family.

Luis and his family are very family oriented. Being that most catholic families are very family oriented and very close. Luis’s family is the strongest influence on his behavior. Luis wants to provide for his family the best way he knows how. He also seems to be very close with his parents since he is their only child. Luis is very devoted to his job. Although he was very successful in Argentina his business of growing grapes for vineyards has not been going well for him. Luis who has fallen ill due to his diagnoses of multiple sclerosis and since it just his wife Maria trying to keep the business going. As much as Luis wants his eldest son Rolando to carry on the business he has been reluctant to do so because of him wanting to go to college and not continue with the family business.

Luis and his family are not only dealing with the Luis’s diagnoses of multiple sclerosis but his father Ramon has passed away and his mother Carmen seems to not want anything to do with the family. Before the hardships started happening to the Perez family they were really close but since the death of Ramon and Luis’s illness the family seems to have fallen apart, leaving Maria to keep the family together herself while she is...

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