Methods to Motivate Employees

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Methods to Motivate Employees
Barbara Snow
August 20, 2012
Dr. Robert Perdiue
Motivational Methods
Health care organizations in recent decades have found they must do more with fewer resources, in particular fewer human resources. Economic instability in the United States coupled with governmental changes in health care reimbursement structures have compelled considerable reductions in force in health care organizations and in some instances elimination of services previously provided. In this economic environment, dedicated and motivated employees in health care facilities are the most valuable resources of the organization. However, for employees to be valuable to the organization they must be engaged in the goals, mission, and values of the organization. In the face of layoffs and downsizing, maintaining employee motivation can prove to be difficult for any organization. Department managers are responsible for communicating in motivational methods to engage employees to take pride in those values and be engaged in achieving organizational goals. This manager will discuss three methods that can be used to engage and motivate employees to have an internal desire to put forth the effort to achieve the goals.

In a department experiencing significant change that includes a reduction in force it is important for the managers to maintain motivation of the retained employees. One motivational method the manager must use is to know and understand each individual staff member. According to White (2008), great managers get to know their people well, this way if an employee loses a friend because of layoffs, they do not feel as though they have lost their only connection to the workplace. This method also allows the manager to have knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of his or her team in the event that restructuring of duties is necessary. This connection allows the manager to maintain relationships with employees despite having to...

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