How to Motivate Employees

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Money Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Suggestions for Motivating the Employees
[pic]Recognize individual differences
[pic]Match people to jobs
[pic]Use goals
[pic]Individualize rewards
[pic]Link rewards to performance
[pic]Check the system for equity
[pic]Don't ignore money.
The Satisfaction-Dissatisfaction Continum under the Traditional View and the Two-Factor Model 
Means of Motivation 
Experience suggests that some specialised teachniques to motivate can be used as follows:  1. Management by Objective (MBO) and goal setting: MBO is a process of collaborative goal-setting between a manager and a subordinate with the understanding that the degree of goal attainment by the subordinate will be a major factor in evaluating and rewarding the subordinate’s performance. When the manager sits with the subordinates, jointly establishes goal for them and agree that the future rewards will be based on goal attainment then he or she is expected to be more motivated to work toward the goals that merit them.  

2. Participation in management: Subordinates are likely to be motivated the most when they are not only consulted but are also allowed to participate in decision-making. In fact the right kind of participation yield both motivation and knowledge valuable for enterprise success.  

Participation appeals to the need for affiliation and acceptance. It is a means of recognition and thus enhances subordinates’ eagerness to work harder.  3. Monetary incentives: Money can never be overlooked as a motivator. Whether in the form of bonuses, piecework, or any other incentive pay, money is important. And, as some writers have pointed out, money is often more than monetary value. It can also mean power or status.  

In order to use money as a motivator, a manager has to remember the following:  i. Money is an urgent means of achieving a minimum standard of living, although this minimum has a way of getting higher as people become more...
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