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In 2006 Venezuela signed a formal letter of adhesion to Mercosur, but according the laws of this entity, the acces of a new member should be voted and ratified by every parliament of the members. In principle, every country was in favour of that fact but in June of this year, the President of pRAguay (Fernando Lugo) was dismissed under an impeachment (which is a political judgment recognised in the Paraguay’s Constitution of 1992). In accordance with the reports from international observers, this process was not totally fair and clean! Since this moment, the new president situate the country against including Venezuela in Mercosur. Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela didn’t recognised the new head of State. But , what Mercosur did? Relying on the reports that critizise the lach of transparency of the process, and after the brazilian’s suggestion they decide to set aside Paraguay until they don’t celebrate new democratic elections. Due to this fissure, Venezuela became a full member something before of the scheduled. BRASIL

* increased imports from Brazil that is significantly impacting local producers * unpropitious growth trends for the support of Mercosur, such as multipolar Brazilian foreign policy and resistance of Brazilian industries to cut their sales to Argentina.

Is the release of Venezuela as a full member of Mercosur. Venezuela its member since the past 12th of August and this summit was the first for them. Bolivia and ist head of state (Evo Morales) signed a formal petition of adhesion to Mercosur. But here, is important to know that the approval of every parliament of the state members is necessary to corroborate the process. So, we can expect maybe 4 years until seeing Bolivias as a new full member. Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador was also asked about the possibility of his country to become a new member. He said that they will take this decision in the first quarter of next year. But he also confessed...
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