Colombia Regional Integration for and Against Articles

Topics: International trade, Economics, Globalization Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: January 7, 2010

Colombia Regional Integration for and Against Articles
Stephen Aguayo
University of Phoenix
MGT 448: Global Business Strategies
Group: PA09BSM11
Professor Matthew Mulyanto; MBA; BSEE
December 15, 2009
Globalization has brought unbelievable advantages to the humanity. There is modest disbelief that globalization can be an influential tool for extended financial growth. By combining the economy together of diverse nations from Central America, for example Colombia, have trying to expand competitive developments in order to create lucrative businesses that are connected with the liberated trade agreements. Colombia as well as other nations from Central America is representing their pledge to increase and produce the financial prospects that will sustain a better way of livelihood for everybody in Central America.

Economic development and Free trade have assisted Colombia to develop. Colombia’s economy is gradually rising due to their incapability to hold a forceful unwilling poverty program. The populace of Colombia is not capable to distribute the economy equally. Other disagreements have risen that are most important to income loss and the modification of urban jobs. These issues have been brought up when CAFTA was created along with the execution of the Multi-Fiber Agreement supplementary challenges that CAFTA faced where harmonization of taxation, customs integration, fiscal conditions, ecological and sanitary procedures.

In order to attain benefits from future global trade opportunities and CAFTA, Colombia along with the Mexican governments have had to advance their method they contend by reducing procedure expenses across their boundaries; balancing national commercial, tariffs, labor and environmental policies and laws. The natural resources that come from Columbia are useful in aiding them to expand. Exporting coffee, flowers, gold,...
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