AP World History Chapter 32: Reading Guide

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Chapter 32 Latin America

1) What distinguishes those regions referred to as the "Third World" from other societies? Page Ref: 773 - lack of industrialization
2) The "Second World" refers to what? Page Ref: 773
-industrialized communist nations
3) Which nations are part of the "First World"? Page Ref: 773 -all but the Soviet Union
4) In which “world” did Latin America belong? Page Ref: 773 -third world
5) How much has Latin America institutions and patterns of politics changed? Page Ref: 774 -it has not changed too much, they just adapt to new situations 6) Two events set in motion trends that would determine much of Latin America's subsequent history: World War I and? Page Ref: 774

-Mexican revolution
7) At the end of World War I, what nation emerged as the dominant foreign power in Latin America? Page Ref: 775 -United States
8) The Mexican Revolution began in what year? Page Ref: 775 -1910
9) The man who had been in charge of the Mexican government since 1876 at the time of the Mexican Revolution was? Page Ref: 775
-Porfirio Diaz
10) What politician first challenged the Mexican government in 1910? Page Ref: 775 -Francisco Madero
11) Who were the political and military leaders were involved in the Mexican Revolution in 1910? Page Ref: 775 -everyone but Juan Jose Arevalo
12) What was the primary goal of Zapata's forces within the Mexican Revolution? Page Ref: 775 -sweeping land reform
13) In 1920 who was elected, bringing the Mexican Revolution to a close? Page Ref: 776 -Alvaro Obregon
14) The communal holdings created as part of the program of land reform following the Mexican Revolution were called? Page Ref: 776
15) What reforms were included in the revolutionary constitution of 1917 in Mexico? Page Ref: 776 -everything except the state taking over the Catholic property 16) What is the policy of "indigenism" that was incorporated into many of the post-revolutionary reforms in Mexico? Page Ref: 776

-the Mexican muralist movement featuring works of Diego Rivera and Jose Oemente Orozco. 17) Who were the "Cristeros?" Page Ref: 777
-conservative peasants backed by the church who fought to stop the slide toward secularism. 18) In 1934, Mexico nationalized what industry? Page Ref: 777 -petroleum industry
19) Summarizes the state of Mexican political organization after the revolution? What group held power? Page Ref: 777 -The revolutionary leadership institutionalized the regime by creating a one-party system under PRI. 20) The spurt of industrial growth that occurred throughout Latin America when World War I cut off the traditional agricultural exports is called? Page Ref: 779 -"import substitution industrialization.

21) In many Latin American countries, the traditional landowning oligarchy began to open up the political system in order meet the demand of what group to share political power? Page Ref: 779 -middle class

22) Between 1914 and 1930, Latin America was swept by what problems? Page Ref: 779 -strikes and labor unrest in response to economic dislocation 23) What was the primary difference between the Liberal governments of Latin America and those of Europe? Page Ref: 780 - gained power in conjunctions with the traditional oligarchy, and their programs failed to dissolve class boundaries. 24) What event brought an end to many of the Liberal governments in Latin America? Page Ref: 781 -the Great Depression

25) Who was the popular reformist president of Mexico who governed between 1934 and 1940? Page Ref: 781 -Lazaro Cardenas
26) What type of government did Getelio Vargas institute in Brazil between 1929 and 1945? Where did he get his ideas? Page Ref: 782
-a centralized government based on ideas from Mussolini's Italy in 1937 before turning to the left in 1945 27) What military leader in Argentina broadened the base of support for the conservative government by appealing to labor groups and by utilizing the...
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